Catalyst Process

SJN Global's Four-Step Process

After years of proven results and building strong relationships, SJN Global has developed its own, “Catalyst Process.” This streamlined process focuses on the business, then connecting to the consumers with equal attention to studying the results.

Catalyst 1 A SJN Global Representative will do an Evaluation with you about your business. We make sure your business has everything it needs to stand out. Working together to help your brand use its “voice.”

Catalyst 2 Building a campaign designed for consumer awareness and brand loyalty. Making sure your voice is heard in the places where consumers are listening.

Catalyst 3 Bring it all together with private & community events, partnerships, public relations and more. The SJN Global team focuses on your brand awareness.

Catalyst 4 Studying Demographics, GEO, Interest, Technology and More gives us direct insight to better reach your consumers.

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